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Helpful Links Regarding The Refugee Crisis, Process of Sponsorship, and Frequently Asked Questions...

  • For a comprehensive guide to Syrian culture and settlement helps, click here
  • Community Development Council Durham is Durham Region’s only settlement agency, click here
  • For a guidebook provided by the Refugee Sponsorship Training Programme, which includes detailed information about how refugees are chosen and screened, click here
  • For welcome and settlement information for Durham region, click here
  • For a helpful video on the crisis and how it developed, click here. 
  • For information on how the UNHCR Refugee Resettlement program works, click here
  • For Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a sponsor of Syrian refugees, click here
  • For more information on the Blended Visa Office Referred Program, click here
  • Canadian Government Guide to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees, click here
  • Read a UNHCR timeline of the Syrian Refugee Crisis here
  • A clearly explained overview of the crisis by World Vision, here.
  • For frequent questions asked about Canada’s role in welcoming and resettling Syrian refugees, click here
  • An overview of the Canadian Church’s role in the resettling of refugees, click here. (Canadian Council for Refugees)
  • Download the Port Perry Refugee Support Group's Frequently Asked Questions of Concern document, here