Mission L'viv, Ukraine - Christmas Fundraising Project

The Missions Committee would love to bless the L'viv Theological Seminary students, staff and ministry this Christmas as they have, and are still, suffering greatly from the war. They continue to be a shining light and are supporting many students, refugees and children in the orphanages. Please read these letters and testimonies below and consider making a special Christmas Offering toward the L'viv Christmas Project which will run for the month of December.  Mark your gift "Missions - Ukraine."



A letter received from Volodya, the principal of L'viv Bible College in Ukraine:


Dear Archie


Thank you for letter and help. We appriciate all what you do for us. Thank you that you do not forget about us.

We live in extrimly hard time. Yesterday 6  russians missels again attck Lviv city.  It was not far from us. Just 2 km. Our doors very shaky and sound goes through soul like sward. It is scare even we are adult. Missels are so big and building looks smal when explosion comes.



We have 100 people in building. Yesterday we had again cold night. Government restart electricity just today afternoon. We plan to drill our well - 140m becaose it is big problem when 100 person can not use washroom bacause there si no electricity and pomps does do work.


We plan to have Christmus program in governmnet orphanages from 17 till 22 December. We plan to visit government orphanages with Chrismus program and gave Christmus gifts for orphans. We plan to but over 600 gifts - candy box. Each gift cost 5 USD.   We would be so happy if we would have help for Christmus gifts.


I send you some testimonies of our students and refuges.


We ask to prey for us


Respect and love in Christ


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The Embassy, Humber College

Trevor Gingerich

The Embassy exists to help students discover hope, purpose, and life to its fullest through the message, mission, and living person of Jesus Christ.  It's a place where students can gather to worship regularly and be exposed to biblical teaching that's applicable to their surroundings and pertinent to thier unique stage in life.  Although studies show that large numbers of Christian young people turn away from faith during post-secondary education, Trevor is actively working to reverse these statistics. He believes that our Canadian colleges and universities represent mission fields that require missionaries. and links, or connect data from your collection to display dynamic content.

The Embassy


The Jesus Network, Toronto

Shawn & Haley 

The Jesus Network has been at the forefront of ministry in Toronto since its inception in 2007, providing hands-on ministry to the communities they serve. Shawn & Haley head up the ministry, living in the most densely populated new immigrant area in the GTA.  With their team, they establish friendships and share the love of Jesus with their neighbours.  They distribute DVDs and literature and over 500 food baskets at over the Christmas season.

The Jesus Network


The Jesus Network, Toronto

Dreamer (Roya)

The Jesus Network is a cross-cultural ministry that is focused on being agents of hope and change in Toronto influencing others through the message of Jesus Christ.  Roya is from the Middle East and come to know Christ as a result of having dreams about Jesus.  Roya and Haley head up the food basket distribution program and follow up with the families whose doors are open after receiving a basket.  On Friday evenings, Dreamer hosts church in her home with ladies from the area.  The home church has now expanded to a second home.

The Jesus Network


Mission Canada, Peterborough

Scott Couper

As a Mission Canada worker, Scott has stepped into a new season and calling as a “Street Level Advocate” in Peterborough’s city core. 

Scott knows that it is through kindness expressed in non-judgmental ways, that hope can be realized (Romans 2:4) and the love of Christ experienced. Utilizing his many connections with church leaders, social services and local police, Scott builds relationships and connects individuals to helpful services and resources. His deepest desire, however, is to be a human bridge, seeing people restored to right relationship with a Heavenly Father who loves them and has a good plan for their lives.

Mission Canada

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Power to Change, Maritimes

Brian & Yvonne Mackie

The passion of Power to Change is coming alongside college and university students to help them know Jesus and experience His power to change. Through communities of faith, they discover the relevance of Jesus’ gospel message for all of life. Brian is working with students on several university and college campuses in the Maritimes.  He is training student leaders to be active on campus, sharing their faith and providing the Christian presence in these environments where young people are faced with many choices and temptations.

Power to Change


Power to Change, Campus Ministry

Jonathan Topping

Power to Change is forging communities in Canada where life transformation happens among post-secondary students, whether in-person or online. They’re offering hope by connecting the dots between Jesus’ mission and your life through helpful content. They’re gathering through events and unique opportunities that inspire us to see the bigger picture of God’s kingdom. Jon speaks at events on various philosophical issues that can impact faith and Christianity.  He loves to have deep conversations with those who are either struggling in their faith or have challenges against the faith.

Power to Change


Pregnancy Help Centre, Durham Region

Kathy Michel

The Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham offers counselling, prenatal classes, parent support, and prayer for women of all ages who are facing unplanned pregnancies.  PHC exists to demonstrate God's love and mercy, giving help to people who may be distressed due to pregnancy.  Our own Kathy Michel is the Executive Director of the PHC.  She oversees the programs, staff, and volunteers at three Durham locations:  Oshawa, Ajax, and Bowmanville.

The Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham

IMG_0458 Y Life.JPG

Young Life, North Durham

Jessica Taylor

Young Life is all about connections!  Young Life, an international organization, came to Canada in 1954, and to the Uxbridge & Port Perry area about 7 years ago.  Working with volunteers, Jessica plans fun-filled activites and a message about the Christian's walk and faith on weekly basis for 775-100 local teens.  In addition, there is an in-depth Bible study for teens who are interested.  Young Life's vision is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow their faith, showing teenagers there is hope in life!

Young Life



Asian Outreach, Mongolia

Noel Hutchinson

With 36 percent of the population living below the poverty line, Mongolia is a third world country left in decay following the 1991 fall of Communism.  Asian Outreach's Education and Community Development programs provide literacy classes, small business loans, and training for poor and needy families.  On the spiritual side, prior to 1990, there were only five known Christians in Mongolia.  That number has now dramatically increased to over 60,000.  Asian Outreach has been closely involved in that change, training over 85 percent of Mongolia's Christian leaders through their Leadership Training programs.


Asian Outreach North America


L'viv Theological Seminary, Ukraine

L'viv Theological Seminary

With the fall of communism in 1991, a great door for the gospel opened up in Ukraine.  However, it is estimated that 90% of those who are leading the church today have no theological training.  L'viv Theological Seminary is committed to preparing Christian men and women for ministry, equipping them with the tools they need to be leaders in the Ukrainian church of tomorrow.  LTS has approximately 1000 students preparing for ministry.

L'viv Theological Seminary


PAOC International Missions, Guinea

Philip & Judy Bowler

Making disciples - this is what Phil and Judy are about. PAOC's "Alleluia" churches are young, vibrant and eager for support and training to reach this Muslim dominated country.  "Dr. Phil" is the theological educational consultant for Guinea, Liberia and Senegal, and in this role, he teaches courses and trains leaders for the churches of West Africa. Additionally, he is the director of Global University (formerly ICI) for these countries. Judy is the facilitator of discipleship and evangelistic strategies with a vision for multiplicative church planting in Guinea and beyond. She also oversees the ChildCARE Plus Program for Guinea. Together they are working to strengthen and develop the 17 Alleluia Christian schools in Guinea.  

PAOC International Missions


PAOC International Missions, Global Ed

The Timothy Fund

In building the kingdom of God, the deliberate, diverse and dedicated discipleship of national leaders remains a priority.  We multiply our impact when we mobilize thousands of kingdom-minded leaders. 

The PAOC currently has 38 partner institutions in 31 countries from Southeast Asia, to Eurasia to the MENA region and Africa to South America and the Caribbean.  Last year, the Timothy Fund provided 234 scholarships to students in 23 of our international colleges. 

Timothy Fund Scholarships defer tuition costs and are given directly to schools for students' accounts.  Each scholarship is worth $600, and is often accompanied by students participating in school life as a way of participating in their educational costs.

Click here for more information

PAOC - Timothy Fund

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Wycliffe Bible Translators, Nigeria

Jono & Janice Barnhoorn

Working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Jos, Nigeria since 2007, Jonathan is involved in training translators and overseeing Bible translation in four languages - Duya, Ashe, Waci, and Nyankpa.  Janice works at the Wycliffe office in the Human Resources department in addition to training national women. They and their children need God's hand of protection over their lives as they work to see Nigerian communities transformed by God's Word being translated into the heart languages of Nigerians.