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A Word From Our Missions Committee:

We give thanks to our God for you all and pray with joy for all of you because of your partnership with us in bringing the gospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to The Ends Of The Earth and making disciples of all nations. In 2022 your faithful financial giving and support and encouragement in fund raising events have allowed us to be involved in, providing food for the hungry, clothing for the poor, medical aid to the sick, hope, purpose and direction for those struggling with life, literacy and bible translation, evangelism, church planting, training leaders and making disciples. Soooo many lives changed because of you. The ripple effect is unfathomable.

Besides our regular monthly commitment, we also were able to provide almost $15,000.00 to help the Ukrainian Church be a light in their very dark and difficult world.  So again from the missions committee .....THANK YOU.....and we look forward to seeing what God has planned for 2023, as we endeavour to follow obediently.

We do have some fundraiser events planned so be watchful for details and be prepared to support and encourage. Remember - Archie is always available to recieve or pick up any electronic waste and/or scrap metal you may want to be rid of. Proceeds will go to support missions.

In your giving for missions, be sure to clearly designate "missions"

For a more detailed overview of those we support on the front lines read their profies below. 

Please pray without ceasing... for although these are exciting times as we see the day approaching they are also difficult times.


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The Embassy, Humber College

Trevor Gingerich

As a Mission Canada worker appointed to Humber College/University of Guelph Humber, my aim is to help students discover hope, purpose and life to its fullest (John 10:10) through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry I am privileged to lead exists to make mature, devoted disciples of Jesus and to equip them to help bring the transformation of God's kingdom to their school, residences, and future workplaces.


The Embassy seeks to engage students with the gospel at a uniquely formative stage in their lives, discipling them to go and make other disciples. Taking seriously the biblical command to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15), students are equipped to know both what they believe and why they believe it and are mobilized to engage in thoughtful conversations with those who subscribe to worldviews other than their own. In this way, The Embassy helps to prepare young adults for a lifetime of influence wherever God may take them after their career at Humber is over.  Although studies show that large numbers of Christian young adults struggle in faith during post-secondary, the team at The Embassy are actively working to reverse these statistics.

The Embassy


The Jesus Network, Toronto

Shawn & Haley 

The Jesus Network has been at the forefront of ministry in Toronto since its inception in 2007, providing hands-on ministry to the communities they serve. Shawn & Haley head up the ministry, living in the most densely populated new immigrant area in the GTA.  With their team, they establish friendships and share the love of Jesus with their neighbours.  They distribute DVDs and literature and over 500 food baskets at over the Christmas season.

The Jesus Network


The Jesus Network, Toronto

Dreamer (Roya)

The Jesus Network is a cross-cultural ministry that is focused on being agents of hope and change in Toronto influencing others through the message of Jesus Christ.  Roya is from the Middle East and come to know Christ as a result of having dreams about Jesus.  Roya and Haley head up the food basket distribution program and follow up with the families whose doors are open after receiving a basket.  On Friday evenings, Dreamer hosts church in her home with ladies from the area.  The home church has now expanded to a second home.

The Jesus Network


Mission Canada, Peterborough

Scott Couper

As a Mission Canada worker, Scott has stepped into a new season and calling as a “Street Level Advocate” in Peterborough’s city core. 

Scott knows that it is through kindness expressed in non-judgmental ways, that hope can be realized (Romans 2:4) and the love of Christ experienced. Utilizing his many connections with church leaders, social services and local police, Scott builds relationships and connects individuals to helpful services and resources. His deepest desire, however, is to be a human bridge, seeing people restored to right relationship with a Heavenly Father who loves them and has a good plan for their lives.

Mission Canada

Brian Mackie_048.jpg

Power to Change, Halifax

Brian & Yvonne Mackie

The passion of Power to Change is coming alongside college and university students to help them know Jesus and experience His power to change. Through communities of faith, they discover the relevance of Jesus’ gospel message for all of life. Brian is working with students on several university and college campuses in Halifax. He is training student leaders to be active on campus, sharing their faith and providing the Christian presence in these environments where young people are faced with many choices and temptations.

Power to Change


Power to Change, Campus Ministry

Jonathan Topping

Jon Topping works as an apologist for Power to Change. Apologetics is answering the difficult challenges people have with Christianity, as well as providing evidence that our faith is true. Jon speaks at churches, colleges/universities, youth groups, and young adult groups. He also writes online, and produces the Ultimate Questions Podcast that digs deep into the evidence for Christianity. Jon loves discussing these issues with people who are struggling in their faith, are considering putting their faith in Christ, and equipping those who want to be a better witness.

Jon Topping


Pregnancy Help Centre, Durham Region

Kathy Michel

The Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham offers counselling, prenatal classes, parent support, and prayer for women of all ages who are facing unplanned pregnancies.  PHC exists to demonstrate God's love and mercy, giving help to people who may be distressed due to pregnancy. Kathy Michel is the Executive Director of the PHC.  She oversees the programs, staff, and volunteers at two Durham locations:  Oshawa and Ajax.


The Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham

IMG_0458 Y Life.JPG

Young Life, North Durham

Jessica Taylor

Young Life is all about connections!  Young Life, an international organization, came to Canada in 1954, and to the Uxbridge & Port Perry area about 7 years ago.  Working with volunteers, Jessica plans fun-filled activites and a message about the Christian's walk and faith on weekly basis for 775-100 local teens.  In addition, there is an in-depth Bible study for teens who are interested.  Young Life's vision is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow their faith, showing teenagers there is hope in life!

Young Life



Asian Outreach, Mongolia

Noel Hutchinson

With 36 percent of the population living below the poverty line, Mongolia is a third world country left in decay following the 1991 fall of Communism.  Asian Outreach's Education and Community Development programs provide literacy classes, small business loans, and training for poor and needy families.  On the spiritual side, prior to 1990, there were only five known Christians in Mongolia.  That number has now dramatically increased to over 90,000.  Asian Outreach has been closely involved in that change, training over 85 percent of Mongolia's Christian leaders through their Leadership Training programs.


Asian Outreach North America


L'viv Theological Seminary, Ukraine

L'viv Theological Seminary

With the fall of communism in 1991, a great door for the gospel opened up in Ukraine. However it is estimated that 70%of pastors and evangelical leaders in Ukraine do not have any theological education. L'viv Theological Seminary (LTS) is therefore committed to equipping christian men and women for ministry. Since the war, however, LTS has had to make many adjustments. They have lost 50% of their students many of which are either soldiers or refugees, 30% of their equipment and facilities, satellite branches in other cities have been occupied and staff killed or imprisoned. The main school has helped over 6500 refugees in the past year. In September 2023 they hope to restart their programs but the numbers of students and branches are smaller because of the war. Please continue to pray for and support L'viv Theological Seminary in these difficult times. 

L'viv Theological Seminary


PAOC International Missions, Guinea

Philip & Judy Bowler

Making disciples - this is what Phil and Judy are about. PAOC's "Alleluia" churches are young, vibrant and eager for support and training to reach this Muslim dominated country.  "Dr. Phil" is the PAOC theological educational consultant for West Africa, and in this role, he teaches courses and trains leaders in the region of West Africa. Additionally, he is the head of the PAOC mission in Guinea and works closely with the “Alleluia” churches on needed projects such as church construction, wells, and the Sonfonia Pediatric Clinic and Missions Training Center. Judy is the facilitator of discipleship and evangelistic strategies with a vision for multiplicative church planting in Guinea and beyond. She also oversees the ChildCARE Plus Program for Guinea. Together they are working to strengthen and develop the 17 Alleluia Christian schools in Guinea.

PAOC International Missions


Valerie Penney, GlobalEd Programs Manager

Timothy Fund Scholarships

Last year with your help, we equipped ministry-track students with over 300 scholarships, students like Audrey in Zimbabwe. When she enrolled for pastoral ministry studies, her attendance was spotty as she struggled to come up with tuition. As Audrey put it, “Heaven opened a way for me through a Timothy Fund Scholarship.” As a result, she was able to complete her studies and plant a church in her hometown. Audrey is also grateful to coordinate the children's ministry in her region. “Thank you so much Timothy Scholarship Fund. Continue to reach out especially to the less privileged and the struggling. I am a living testimony of your generosity, love and support.”


Timothy Fund Scholarships are $600 scholarships to defer the cost of tuition for qualified students in PAOC partner institutions globally, such as Pan Africa Christian College in Zimbabwe where Audrey studied. These scholarships have been managed by Valerie since 2011 as she works directly with the colleges who vet their students for those in greatest need who demonstrate significant call on their lives for ministry.

Click here for more information

PAOC - Timothy Fund

JB23 (2).png

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jono & Janice Barnhoorn

Jono and Janice Barnhoorn have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL for over 15 years. Most of that time has been spent working in Nigeria, but they are now living in Canada and plan to work remotely for a few years to help settle their children back into life in Canada. Jono continues to work with the Nyankpa translation team as they work to complete the New Testament, hopefully in the next five years or so. Janice supports HR teams in various African countries, providing training and guidance.


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